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Fox Sports Hub is Central Florida’s newest sports outlet.  With coverage from Orlando, Tampa, Cocoa Beach and beyond we provide what we feel is a unique prospective on sports .  Our focus is to create a unique story via pictures which share the excitement, journey and support for our home teams.  Our goal is to improve and grow our coverage while getting more people interested in coming out to events especially if you aren’t even a “sports fan”. We will always root for the home team so our coverage may not be for everyone but everyone is welcome to join the fun.

How we’re different

We operate with very low overhead and will never include pop-up advertisements on our page so you wont be bombarded with ads or ever have to sacrifice your personal info/privacy just to browse great sports content and photos.  We strive to include unique imagery with every story and can also help other outlets, schools and organizations save money while still obtaining high quality coverage for most Florida events.

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Is your team visiting the Orlando area but your budget wont support sending your own photographers? Are you an out of state agency looking to hire professionals which don’t need lodging or meal compensation? Are you a parent wanting personal coverage of your child’s next game or team? Contact us

We look forward to working with you / your organization and hope you love our content.