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Undefeated in the bounce-house

“It was a victory,” as Steve Spurrier (Apollos Head Coach) said… “It wasn’t real pretty, but we managed to win it.” Memphis came to the bounce-house Saturday night in an attempt to defeat the now 3-0 Orlando team.

Photo credit WTMPhoto

The game opened with a drive that seemed unique, in hindsight. Memphis then managed to keep the Apollos from advancing the ball with ease as their defense was doing a great job holding off the home team. Offensively however, Gilbert passed for 207 yards (14 completions) and ran 21 with 9:07 left in the game which was enough to fill the W column. After the game Gilbert elaborated on his 4th quarter TD by saying “I’m not going to out-run anybody, but every once in a while, a little deception keeps everybody on their toes. It just happened to be the right call at the right time and we were able to make a play.”

Defensively, the Apollos held Zac Stacy (leading rusher in the league) to just 29 yards. For a game that wasn’t so “pretty”, Orlando showed that this team is serious about getting on the field and putting on a show for it’s fans!

If you have yet to come out and see your Orlando Apollos play, it’s worth checking out. Grab some friends and head out to Spectrum Stadium for a great time.

FINAL Orlando 21 – Memphis 17