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ORLANDO (Aug. 6, 2019) – The force was not strong in Dom Dwyer as he was pulled to the dark (and by dark I mean OFF) side, early in the game. What could have been a goal for the Lions was immediately called back but lets just for a second imagine that goal stuck.

Orlando would have still been in a poor position to win the game as Atlanta’s B. Guzan was on point all night, stopping balls with Jedi like powers – so would that one goal, early in the game, really have made a difference? In hindsight we know the implications of that reversal would do less regarding the outcome of the score than it did foreshadowing Orlando’s performance for the rest of their time on the pitch. Plain and simple, the Lions were out-played by a team already two games up in the season and with previous Cup experience.

The fans at Exploria Stadium were as energetic as ever, one fan even screaming out “We showed up for you, now you show up for us”, right before the half. The frustration with their team started to bleed trhough and came to a boil around the 56′ mark when a curious chant took over the crowd. The chant, as you are likely aware addressed what the fans thought to be the missing link…

C. Mueller takes the field (Photo by William Moncello)

“We want Mueller – We want Mueller” the fans chanted, till the board was raised. With Kljestan taking a rest and Mueller fresh on the field, fans hoped the pace would change but Even Chris Mueller couldn’t undo the damage. Just 20′ later, Atlanta United put another ball past Grinwis bringing the tally to 0-2 for the home team.

Hyndman’s goal stung, I can admit that but what might hurt even worse was the totality of this evening unfolding right in front of us all – especially with the absence of Josef. Orlando’s team is strong, has heart and more importantly some of the hottest talent in the league right now, I’m confident we’ll learn from this and eventually finish that “business” …. don’t toss that crafty banner yet!