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Magic still have a chance

It’s pretty exciting to have made it this far but our home team needs more than an cheering crowd to stay in this fight. Tonight’s match-up against the Raptors opened how it should have ended. Nikola Vučević for two, Gordon sinks a three and then D.J. Augustin with a layup had the crowd fired up at the Amway Center like I haven’t heard in a long time. The excitement was pretty shot lived however as the first quarter ended with the Magic down by two.

Second quarter opened with Kyle Lowry stepping back to the three point line to add to the Raptors lead. The electric was gone from the atmosphere and it was clear things weren’t going our way. It seemed every shot the Magic attempted, Toronto would sink. The lead in the second quarter just didn’t stop growing and the Raptors made sure to underline their message by feeding the ball to Siakam at the buzzer which resulted in yet one more three-pointer. Magic were outscored by 14 points in the 2nd quarter and things weren’t looking good.

Photo By WTMPhoto

Kawhi Leonard opened the 3rd with a shot that put Toronto up by 18 (60-42). Although Orlando would go on to out score the Raptors in the 3rd, it was only by four and not enough for their 12 point deficit. This didn’t get any better for the Magic in the 4th as they were again outscored (by 10 points). The 4th quarter, or at-least the last eight minutes of it, was dominated by cheering Raptors fans as Orlando’s supporters headed home early.

This isn’t what we were hoping for but lets not forget, in two days, we have a chance for redemption. Can Orlando pull it together and will Ross contribute more than five points to aid his team in keeping this playoff dream alive. We only cover Central Florida Sports here at the HUB so if this is the last we write about the Magic and their run to Finals, nothing good happened in Scotiabank Arena.